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Re: By Sea, Land and Air. Talisman Saber.
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"One, Three. No, that was a bad call. No one called for CAS, no one called Weapons Free. We didn't have a clear read on where friendlies were, and could have had a blue-on-blue. Now we look like a bunch of jumpy unprofessionals." AJ replied on their channel. "You're not going to get the last word in on this one, and arguing over comms is just going to make us look even worse."

"Carnage Flight, brevity." Jack said, substituting the normal brevity code for shorter messages as a way to say "Enough!".

"Carnage Flight, Poseidon Actual. Your orders do not include making up your own ROE or shooting at the boarding team. This conversation will be continued on the Reagan. Poseidon Actual, out." Colonel Bishop interjected.

"Cate's going to find that she just p*ssed off someone more stubborn than her. Special Forces tend to have pretty hard chargers in command positions. Christ, I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, she's got that cult of personality in the squadron but it's not going to follow her very far outside of Australia. She's good, but she ain't Pappy Boyington." AJ said, scowling under her mask.

"Hawk, I'm just sayin', mate, you're going to be in a lot of trouble..." Dave started.

"And you know what Dave? I don't care. AJ's right, that was a blue-on-blue waiting to happen. And if you, and Bobbie, and Cate, and her guy and the new girl all want to gang up on us because we don't agree, then the Reagan's got plenty of Hornets and will have no problem slotting two more pilots. But this isn't the Soviet Air Force, I'm not supposed to blindly agree with my CO. And if what she wants is a bunch of goddamn Yes-Men, then I'm out. My wings and my wife's wings aren't worth someone's ego. So how about you just shut the hell up, watch your screens, and do your goddamn job. Mate." Jack was positively seething at this point, not just because of the situation but because AJ was in the crosshairs. She took way too much from way too many people to get where she was now, and it still angered Jack to this day how horrible her family was, how she had only joined the Marines to escape them because aside from the Navy, it was the only way to ensure she would never get a post anywhere near Utah. So anyone who dared to take a shot at his wife would have to first get past him, regardless of who it was or the shot it was.

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Re: By Sea, Land and Air. Talisman Saber.
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=Affirm, breaching time now."= She signaled  to those behind her, staying low and shifting. To the otherside of the door. The 870 camr up, shifted downwards. She fired a single shell, racked it and fired another. Glass splintered and danced against the. Floor, followed by the thud of a banger. It ignited filling the space with a bright instant flash and deafening ping.

As Leah worked at tthe door's mechanism a second banger went off. She pulled the door toward herself, allowing the rest of the team to flow in. Several staccato pops went off by the time she secured her primary and rolled in herself. She scanned, moving from body to body. "Badass."

Hostages were secure but kept low on the bridge for their safety. One of the shooters pulled long on the door for security ="Kraken Two-Alpha, all callsigns, Bridge secure. Break. M-W-E, green, up-up. Break, aid and litter to follow. Over."= With that call made Leah broke down her aid bag, checking on the histages to ensure they were all movable and there were no immediately pressing injuries.

Several moments passed before she came in over the net again. ="Kraken Two-Alpha, Kraken element, be advised HVI's packaged, ready for evac. Over."=

="Kraken-Actual...Bravo-Zulu. Moving in upon confirmation of neutralized enemy presence on deck, over."=

="Kraken-Two-Alpha, affirmative. Out."= She sighed, packing her bag up and ensuring. They were good to move. They'd split the formation a bit. Keeping a balance of shooters on the point and six, while the hostages remained in the middle of their movement.

="Kraken Two-Alpha, all callsigns. Ready to move with package, break. Awaiting conformation on all clear on deck. Over."=

The two boats of Kraken element were still holding an overwatch pattern out at sea, guns trained on the deck and waiting for any further signs of hostility.

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Re: By Sea, Land and Air. Talisman Saber.
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<MV Reliant-lower container deck after>

{Abdul Bin Mustafa}
{Surrahdin Bin Mohmad} NPC

 The two young men, both shaking like leaves made their way down to the lower decks, only the red glow of the emergency light now lit their way as the Infidel air strike had cut much of the power feeds to this level. The hum of the ships engines though still rang loud in their ears. Two 'brothers' were stationed in the engine room to ensure nothing happened down there to impeded the ship's progress.

 They came to the last ladder they needed to access, when the youngest, Surrahdin stopped suddenly, looking back up from where they came. At just seventeen, he barely even shaved, had only ever held a weapon for a weeks mad arsed training in some hidden ISIS training camp on the jungle border of Malaysia and Thailand and all the while he shook, his thoughts were heavy of that sweet girl he left behind back home in Penang. The boy was terrified, he didn't want to die on this old ship, he didn't believe in the BS his leaders were filling him with, not for a minute. His sole aim was as he was told by his so called friend the older Abdul, that they could do this and be rich, then disappear back to normal life. Yeah right. "Abdul, someone comes." There were tears in his eyes but his friend couldn't see that.

 The older Abdul turned sharply, there was that typical zealot hatred in his eyes. "What? You're afraid boy? We're soldiers of the Caliphate, we do not p*ss our pants when things get a little hot. Move your arse." He drew his pistol, pushed it into the boys back to force him down that last set of stairs. In the other hand he held the three security keys for the warheads.

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Re: By Sea, Land and Air. Talisman Saber.
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Andrew and Aron stood at the top of what was a very long and narrow corridor into the bowels of the ship, it was a fatal funnel that dropped at a 30-degree angle a hundred or so feet into the hold. “Let’s do this,” He flipped his NOD’s into place and began heading down the stairs, his rifle leading the way.

The pair made it to the base of the steps without incident, however, a pair of voices could be heard over the heavy hum of the ship’s engine. Andrew held up his left hand, in a closed fist before motioning in their path of travel, he motioned them forward.

Aron pulled his NODs down into place, switching them on and making subtle adjustments as the descended the steps. He was offset just to the left of Andrew, his weapon pulling long briefly. His attention then shifted to the man on point as he halted the column.

Aron noted their direction of travel. Once he confirmed he passed it back before moving forward. Those voices down range had him locked in. He felt a hand on his shoulder as they moved forward, keeping it relatively tight. The Polish frogman also made it a point to glance down in front of their point man, looking for glint or anything odd as they moved.

Using his thumb Andrew activated the infrared illuminator on his rifle and watched as the darkness in front of him glowed like it was midday. Ahead of them maybe 10 or 11 conex containers away, two men were hurriedly trying to open one of them. Using his thumb again he activated the IR laser and pointed it at both his targets for his teammates to see. Whispering into his comms, =”Poseidon Main, Blackbeard, possible target ahead standby for confirmation.”=

=”Blackbeard, Poseidon, standing by for positive confirmation of packages.”=

Andrew motioned to Aron and pointed him forwards. “Go.”

Aron looked past Andrew as his lume lit up the hold. He punched out, getting online with Andrew and leaving a slight hao between them. Their third shooter pushed up, creating an impromptu ‘V’. Behind this three-man formation, the others fanned out into a ranger file behind them.

Aron’s IR flashed on one of the MAM’s, pointer at the center of his back as he moved forward. They'd need to be swift, though Aron was partially waiting for the two to get the connex open, his approach angle kept him against the wall as he moved forward.

Andrew followed Aron, slightly to his right and behind him, Andrew lased the second MAM that Aron was not already sighted in on and waited. If they opened the container, then it was a go… With a grunt of triumph the duo opened the doors to the conex and stepped back, Andrew watched as a pair of three keys dangled from the hands of the elder the pair. “Do it.” Andrew said, his weapon up and finger on the trigger. With a gentle press, his weapon spat its round down range, followed quickly in succession by another round.

HIs target dropped to the ground, his rounds having done their job, Andrew surged forward.

Aron let the laser do its job, his hand applying a gentle squeeze. The weapon fired two rounds on semi, striking the target. He took a moment, ensuring the bodies stayed still before moving forward.

With weapon trained he looked past them briefly before delivering one round per target to ensure death. “Clear to me,” he called back softly before picking somewhere to set up security.

“Clear, let’s take a look in the box,” Andrew said from a crouch next to the MAM with the keys, pulling them from his grasp Andrew looked into the box. Flipping up his NODs he activated the helmet mounted light illuminating the container in bright white light, Andrew dug into his plate carrier and removing the small Geiger counter from it. With his thumb, he flipped it on and held it out in front of him as he walked forward. It fluctuated slightly, Andrew pointed to the first crate.

“Let’s see if Santa brought us coal for Christmas. Crack it.”

Aron collapses to Andrew a little bit with one another. They moved into the connex behind him. The filled through towards the first crate. The two looked at each other before carefully removing the casing. Aron rose the lid gently, the other operator with him watched carefully to ensure there were no obstructions, shining a light as well.

“You're good.”

Aron simply nodded and rose the lid for Andrew to do his thing if that were their target.

Inside sat a Russian nuclear warhead, “Bingo boys, looks like Santa came through.”

Andrew opened the remaining cases, inside again were the warheads, he confirmed his findings with his tools before radioing back to command. =”Poseidon Main, Blackbeard Actual. We have confirmation on the packages, three out of three present and secured. Requesting exfil of packages and personnel, how copy, over?”
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Re: By Sea, Land and Air. Talisman Saber.
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<Sea Watch-over MS Reliant>

Rob cringed as he listened to the angry voices going back and forth.  Wow, what a can of worms had been open.  And the language flying around just caused him to shake his head.  Yes, he knew everyone was angry and there seemed to be a lot of confusion going on, but still.  He blew out a breath.  This was taking a bad turn very quickly.

Rob shook his head as he looked out the window.  ''Yeah pretty sure some people you can't please no matter what you do," he answered just before she got back on the radio.  He wasn't surprised Cate wasn't taking this sitting down.  Although it also surprised him that she hadn't gotten angry yet.

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Re: By Sea, Land and Air. Talisman Saber.
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<A44-221-Carnage 4>

Kim looked out the window with a shake of her head.  It seemed some people weren't real thrilled with that little stunt they had just pulled.  She wasn't sure what else they expected though.  She knew they had followed orders, yet judging by the angry voices there were a lot of unhappy people out there.  She was grateful for the topic change though.  Kim actually laughed a bit.  "You really think Beck talks to me?" she asked with a grin.  Okay, her brother had talked to her a few times. "Are you kidding?  You're all he talks about.  If you ask me I think he's just scared cause he's never felt this way before."

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Re: By Sea, Land and Air. Talisman Saber.
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<Just a little North of Darwin>

 The capture of the MV Reliant took place finally at 21:45 hours local time with no loss of life on the part of the allied forces. The ship's crew were liberated with only minor injuries. Of the 25 terrorists, only two survived and then only because of their age (14 and 15 respectively) and that they had surrendered almost as soon as they saw the first of the boarding teams approach them.

 Of the ships crew, all but the Captain, first officer and ship's Engineer were sent to a secure holding facility in Melbourne as the allied forces feared the next part of their plan might be accidentally revealed by a loose talking crew member. Most of them were just happy to be alive, as there was little for them to complain about in reality; the conditions they had to endure were equal to a 5 star hotel. The ship's officers mentioned above volunteered their services, which the allied forces readily accepted. It was revealed during their rescue that the Captain and the Ship's engineer were both French Naval reserve, that helped things along immensely, smoothing out a few things with the Reliant's owner back in Marseille. Once underway, the last stop in this region was Darwin itself where containers were both loaded and unloaded to ensure everything appeared as normal as possible; the three warheads were made safe, but to be sure the ruse didn't fall apart a small capsule of radioactive material was placed in each device.

 In the early hours of the morning the following day before sunrise, hasty repairs were made to the ship to cover any 'apparent' battle damage, the dead insurgents were whisked away and to the casual onlooker in the Port of Darwin, no one was the wiser. The Reliant left on schedule at 0400 the following day, with the Task force fleet eventually catching up with her near Christmas Island on the next day. From there the last stopover was Diego Garcia where the RAAF F/A18F's of number One Squadron had flown to in anticipation of joining the USS Reagan. From that point on, the fleet merely shadowed the Reliant for the remainder of its journey and its destination in Aden. Some of the boarding crew remained, taking the place of the terrorists, others were brought on board who could play the part convincingly. Many of the ground forces were now placed aboard the HMAS Canberra or the USS Reagan for their eventual deployment in either Yemen or Northern Somalia.

 The 'Mission' continued 13 days after the seizure of the Reliant as it approached the Gulf.