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Re: Operation Dynamite
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Oscar Mike - Aden Port, Yemen>

Aliya had long since returned to her vehicle. The guard detail for the general's staff were still at the bar enjoying themselves when she left. No doubt their night would take a turn for the worse. She had planted evidence of infighting amongst the staff, even painting the O-3 as a sympathizer for one of Hassan's many enemies he had made over the years. Toss in some greed, panic...simple disrespect. It painted a beautiful picture of distrust, pain, conquest, hell. She loved it.

The Israeli native say in the back with her legs crossed, the spacious vehicle having more than enough room. Word was that things at the dock had been dealt with swiftlyy, perks of knowing the enemies of your enemy...and having their enemy on the ropes. That was the fun part of the middle east, everyone knew everybody. At least those in power. Be it on in good terms or otherwise. The constant shifts and power plays made for an exciting time.

The vehicle slowed to a stop. Aliya sighed, releasing a deep breath as she leaned back in he seat. Deciding to give CJ a ring. He didn't have to answer, but her even trying tto contact him would mean only one thing at this stage. She spotted the trucks rolling out with their cargo.

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Re: Operation Dynamite
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<MV Harman Orient>

"Roge. On me, let's find a way down." Michelle said, taking the lead with her 416A5 up and tracking. She led the way down the corridor to a stairwell that led further down, helpfully indicating they only had two levels to go to get to O-3. Keen to avoid contact until they found the HVI, Michelle led the way down the next two decks.

"Alright now, where..." Michelle was cut off by the sounds of cookware slamming around and a woman screaming. Two men were shouting, punctuated by a woman shouting back, terrified, in another language.

"On me, move." Michelle hissed and moved up to one of the hatches, and opened it just a little more to see a group of pirates, six from the looks of it, with one holding a woman in stained white cooking garb by her hair with one hand while holding a cell phone in her face with the other. Two were poking around in the cabinets with the barrels of their AKs, one was eating an apple while holding a PKM by the carrying handle, a fourth was holding a sawed-off double barrel shotgun on the woman, while the remaining two were looking in the walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer, also armed with AKs.

Michelle grit her teeth and looked to the others, using hand gestures to the others to indicate she had spotted 6 hostiles and 1 civilian. She then mouthed "stack up" to them, and waited for the squad to get into position to breach. There was a thud against the bulkhead that she was up against, and it was now or never.

"Do it." Michelle said. The hatch was thrown open for a brief second and a flashbang was tossed in. As soon as that went off, the team stormed in. As soon as she was in the galley, the SEAL snapped up her rifle and put a burst into the shotgun wielder's head.

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Re: Operation Dynamite
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<MV Harman Orient>

Brian was rather impressed already, the SEAL was handling herself well and it seemed like she had done this a time or two before. Which, of course, was more than he could say, but for now, the best thing he could do was keep quiet and pay attention to everything around him. But when they reached the HVI's location, he became determined to ensure that their only hope of finding the hostages in time was not going to die, regardless of what it took for him to do so.

As such, as they breached into the galley, as Brian swung left, he saw the woman that he had been told about, her name escaping him for the moment but that would be more important later. Without a second thought, he pulled the disoriented woman to the ground and drew his sidearm, positioning himself in such away that his body would best cover hers from any gunfire. As soon as his HK45CT was clear and on a target, one of the AK armed pirates, he pulled the trigger three times, sending a trio of .45 slugs into the target to make sure he didn't get back up.

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Re: Operation Dynamite
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<MV Reliant - Aden Port, Yemen>

The attacking Yemeni troops had been wiped out to the last man, either having died in the fighting, shot dead while trying to flee or unceremoniously executed by the buyers. The weapons were gathered up and the bodies were tossed into the harbor. And the buyers were not interested in sticking around for too long, taking off as soon as they loaded up the last of their merchandise and people. A tugboat was provided to get the Reliant back to open sea as soon as possible, and once clear, the Zodiacs hidden in the cargo hold were prepped to get the undercover team back to the battlegroup while the Reliant would just spend its days drifting in the Indian Ocean.

CJ packed up his rifle and made his way down from his perch, where a driver was waiting with yet another SUV. This took him to the meeting point that had been agreed upon once everything was done, an apartment over a seemingly rundown garage shop. However, inside, there were masked mercenaries armed with the latest weapons, and CJ knew that spotter and sniper teams were placed to cover every angle of the building. No one could approach that Felix did not want here.

The room was acceptably furnished, but the windows were all covered up to prevent anyone from looking in. Sitting on one of the couches was Felix, watching the news on a tablet before killing the program and set it down as CJ and Ailya returned. A mercenary brought in a cooler full of water bottles, soda, and energy drinks before shutting the door behind them. Felix extracted himself a bottle of water before sitting down, letting the other two select a beverage or decline and then find a seat.

"Our work in Aden is mostly complete, for the time being. I suspect with the impending Houthis offensive, we will have to depart for a time, but that is of little concern. What does concern me is the arrival of our new friends. But we will know more later. For now, your pay has been wired to your accounts and I need you elsewhere. Mister Becker, you are to see to it that our associates depart from the country promptly and safely. Miss Milah, I believe Kamali has one last site to be burned here, a safehouse in Sana'a. Please take a team, kill everyone there, and plant a bug into a computer there that is in his network. Afterwards, deal with safehouse as you see fit. Burn it, ransack it and leave the blame on the Houthis security troops, it is up to you. Just so long as there is nothing to point to us." Felix explained.

"You want me to keep this guy alive, but you want her to kill his guys and bug his system?" CJ asked. Felix chuckled and nodded.

"A means to an end, Mister Becker. With the nuclear weapons out of play, for the moment, we need to move on alternative methods. Kamali still has a use, his people do not." Felix replied.

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Re: Operation Dynamite
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"Aye-aye." Chandler stated. "With your permission, Sir, Ma'am?" he then asked, motioning towards the exit. When he received permission to leave, he left the CIC. going at a brisk pace, not quite running, but faster than a walk, he made his way back to the flight deck. It seemed that someone had already notified the pilots to spool up, because she was already running when he got there.

Chandler boarded the Wildcat. Ten minutes later, he was back aboard Daring, and sat in his chair on the bridge. "Nav, will you plot a course to intercept Darwin?" he asked the young Sub-Lieutenant. Courtesy, he believed, was the best way to command. A minute or two later, the Nav officer had a route plotted. "Get me Canberra on the line please," he told the rating manning the communications station.

Chandler picked up the horn. "Canberra, Daring requesting permission to leave formation." he asked. The response was an affirmative, and with that, Chandler ordered the ship to leave formation to their assigned spot.

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Re: Operation Dynamite
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<HMAS Canberra Bridge>

{Commander Noel McInnes-CAW} NPC

 With the ship's captain ducking below to see to business in the CIC, command was left to the next immediate senior officer of the ship in this case being the ship's wing commander. Noel relished the opportunity when ever he could to see a rotation in that ever so comfy sheep skin lined chair, grinning like the proverbial Chesire cat once the skipper was out of sight.

Checking with his navigator and of course the CIC, he was given the thumbs up for the movement. "Daring, Canberra. Permission granted, leave formation to your port, bearing 278 degrees. At two kilometers Zulu, make heading 056 degrees to intercept Darwin. Do you copy over?"