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Title: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: Ed Connolly on January 14, 2018, 12:49:09 AM
<Approaching DZ - 7 Miles SE Rumah, Yemen>
<1745 Hours Local>

Ed checked his watch again, the waiting starting to grate on him. He did a final check of his weapons and kit. He had the same pistol he had been carrying when he met Larissa at the airport, a Kimber Warrior SOC (TFS), and now had an M4 with all the usual bells and whistles attached to go with it. Just in case, he had also packed a Benelli M4 shotgun, just in case anyone in this base got uppity and wanted to get in close. The Marine Raider veteran glanced over at the Russian intel officer, who was now in Multicam fatigues but had a half-face balaclava on, made of the same material that UnderArmor used. She had to pretty much raid the Jordanians for gear, including a Caracal F handgun, T91 carbine, and one of those VSS rifles she had mentioned to him earlier.

Larissa looked quite anxious, and Ed couldn't blame her. She was a field officer, not a commando, but he did respect the fact that rather than sit behind a desk back in Jordan, she was up here with the rest of the shooters. That was a rare trait to be found among intel types, and that was something good. So far, the Russian seemed to be on the level with him, but old habits died hard, and he was still not 100% sure if she wasn't getting fed orders that went against his from Moscow. Only time would tell.

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Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: Scott M. Powers on January 15, 2018, 09:34:54 PM
<Approaching DZ - 7 Miles SE Rumah, Yemen>
<1745 Hours Local>

They'd wrapped up the pre-mission briefing and were hustled into a near bye hanger. Once inside the group was quickly briefed by another Green Beret, a jumpmaster from the 3rd SFG(A)'s Group Support Battalion on their insertion package: T-11 parachute. Most, if not all of the mission's participants had jumped either the T-11 or the T-10, except for their Russian attache - Scott wasn't exactly up on what the Russian Army used to drop their Paratroopers. Not that it mattered. Another Solider, a rigger motioned to Scott to step up and be fitted with his chute.

Some tugs and grunts later Scott was checked over by the Jumpmaster and told to board their transport craft, a Jordanian C-130. Waddling up the ramp, Scott collapsed into his seat and waited for the rest of the team. The young Staff Sergeant from the 75th Ranger's Regimental Reconnaissance Company - a young man, brought up by none other than the Sergeant First Class Matthew Stavro. The same man that'd taught Scott the ways of the Regiment when he was a young man. Once airborne Scott nudged the Sergeant's knee, "So tell me, Freese, how's the old dog these days!?" Shouting over the roaring engines.

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Checking his watch, Scott watched the seconds tick away, bringing them closer and closer to H-Hour and kicking in some dangerous peoples doors to supply them with some good old-fashioned American freedom. He'd let Freese back to his thoughts and had gone to his own. Studying their mission commander and the Russian agent. She was an unknown, but if the Major was vouching for her, it was good enough for Scott. Catching Major Connolly eyes, Scott yelled over the engines, "You do know Major, that a watched pot never boils! We'll be on target when we get there!"

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Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: Maric Talburn on January 17, 2018, 11:21:30 AM
<Approaching DZ - 7 Miles SE Rumah, Yemen>
<1745 Hours Local>

After being JMPI'd Maric walked up the ramp, the ruck smashing a bit against his shins as he walked until he made subtle adjustments to waddle a bit up the ramp. The young Sergeant and Cherry of his ODA, had opted to bring a MK48 to the fight. Still fairly compact but not lacking in fire power. Considering the options he had seen from the other members of this mixvag, he opted to just be that guy.

While Maric was surprised that of The other members of the ODA, the Captain had him tag along...he wasn't. So much talk and the need for Cherry to prove himself only made the choice for them. However this mission had a lot of autonomy and seemed like something more senior or even CIF guys should've been doing. But still it was the perfect proving grounds.

His eyea moved over to Captain Powers as he conversed with the Ranger. It must've been a small world for those guys. Maric was sure he'd have a connection like that with his team guys.
Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: Jason Freese on January 17, 2018, 11:46:12 AM
<Approaching DZ - 7 Miles SE Rumah, Yemen>
<1745 Hours Local>

During the rigging process Freese had worked to help JMPI the jumpers for this mission. He was actually kind of exited. Static line wasn't a common insertion method for stuff like this. While he was a tad annoyed to be split from his guys, Top assured him he had some straight shooters with him. Especially the SF boys whome he normally kicked around for sport.

All in good fun of course.

Upon entering the plane, Freese kept his ruck at the wnd of the isle, simply sitting in his harness with primary though he opted to go without a reserve since they were dropping at combat altitude for the T-11. If a reserve was needed then he was dead anyway. He glanced over to the Captain that Stavro told him about. The man striking up a conversation while using their mutual contact. "The old man's tough I'll tell you that much. And...well...you know third marriage is the charm."

As the two of them parted, Jason looked over to members of the flight crew as he was motioned forward. He got up and moved to get his Ruck hooked up and tightened in place. He stood just infront of the ramp while facing the occupants as the red light came on. "Ten minutes! Get Ready!"

He gave ample time for everyone to get their head right and in the game. "First pass personnel stand up, Hook up!" He gave the hand gestures, and insinuated the proper cable to use for the ramp. "Check static line!" He waited for the safety to make his rounds, as well as being checked himself. He was on a separate anchorline cable as the JM and being the last jumper. "Check equipment!" His hands swiped over his helmet, then to his peltors, chest strap, leg straps, weapon and lowering line. "Sound off for equipment check!"

Jason felt the butterflies hit at this point. He shook it out, taking a couple of steps in place as one of the operators half their uand out. "Bad arse," he muttered as he slapped their hand in response. They all stood on stand by as he stood at the door. His static line being secured as the ramp lowered. He stepped out, taking a knee and watching the terrain. "One minute!" He made a pinching motion, holding it out towards the earth beneath while waiting for the visual marker. "Thirty seconds...stand by." He stood up, shifting out the way. All the jumpers had to do was release their static-line and walk off the ramp. He moved next to the first jumper, a hand on his shoulder as he waited...counted. "Green light, go!" He gave the shoulder a pat before stepping back and letting the jumpers take to the sky.

Freese counted, watching them and their equipment as they moved until last man passed. He nodded reassuring himself before stepping off the ramp. His chute deployed on time and seconds later he was on the ground.

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Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: GySgt Bob Lee Gerhardt on January 19, 2018, 02:44:14 PM
On approach to DZ in Yemen

Like always, sleep came easy for Bob Lee. One of the first things he'd learned in Boot Camp was to catch whatever sleep he could. Over the weeks, he even managed to get into a state of almost sleeping while marching, all the while staying in step. Using his helmet as a pillow, he slept like a baby until it was time to start preparing for the jump. Strapping on the parachute did not take much effort. His ruck was strapped to his chest, and his M40 in its rifle bag was secured on his left side.

At the command, he stood up and hooked his line to the cord above. At the next command, he checked his own equipment, and then the equipment of the Jumpmaster in front of him. As the first jumper, he was the last to sound off. Then he stood there waiting for the green light, holding his line in the one hand, his other at his side. He was a bit nervous as he always was before a jump. After all, whomever in his right mind would willingly jump out of a perfectly fine aircraft?

Then the red light turned off, and the green light turned on. He shuffled down the ramp and let himself fall into the air. Suddenly there were no sounds at all, save for that of the wind rushing past him. A second later he felt the shock of his chute opening. He looked up and got confirmation that it had in fact deployed. He silently fell to the ground and with another shock hit the ground a little harder than he would've liked, but unhurt. He deflated his chute and stuffed it back into the bag before discarding it.

Then he dropped his ruck and pulled his rifle from its bag before putting his ruck on his back where it belonged. Then he waited for the rest of the team to reorg.
Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: Broderick Stone on January 21, 2018, 05:39:25 AM
Approaching DZ, Yemen

Broderick had been a last minute call for the team, having been thrown on the flight out to the comms site in Yemen. He continued to walk; Bergen and parachute in all towards the plane that would take them to the DZ. It was not often he was without his team, but as an operator, he was flexible.

He had been on various deployments behind enemy lines, whether it be air, land or sea. Bordering still could not help himself from feeling the spike of adrenaline that came with knowing one was about to throw oneself into the expanse of the Unknown. Broderick had to breathe, control himself before adrenaline made him do something stupid. He had gone over his rig several times, dressed down in US deserts.

The Lanc had walked up to the plane, going over his kit for the hundredth time as the plane had rolled into motion, taking flight. It was here that he was able to get a little shut eye in when they were heading over.

Once the command had been shouted, Broderick had been in up in an instant. Rising from the seat and joining the queue, sounding out his number as they did. His eyes went from the jump master to the red light.

Green light.

Broderick shuffled followed, the wind whipping past him as he jumped. The chute deployed, jerking up upwards as it opened up. The captain looked around him as he descended.

Though, soon enough, the Lanc was on the ground, wrestling with the parachute as he folded it away. Once that had been handled, Brody unclipped his rifle from his Bergen and waited, taking a knee.
Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: Ed Connolly on January 26, 2018, 01:56:24 AM
DZ, Yemen

Ed's response to the Army Captain's joke was an Oakley gloved middle finger and a grin before they all stood up and began the jump. Surprisingly, the Russian was doing alright, leaving Ed wondering just what sort of training the SVR had provided, or at the last, who was the agent they had provided to this operation. After the jump, they were all now on the ground and ready to get to it. Once they were rallied up, Ed gathered everyone up in a quick huddle.

It was now dusk, the sun was starting to settle behind the countless sand dunes all around them, and if Ed's math was right, they'd be showing up at the site by the time it was night.

"Alright, we all know the drill. Site is due northeast of our position. Keep it quiet, there's absolutely no goddamn cover between here and there. If you gotta drop someone, do it quick, quiet and make damn sure they're not going to notice. Once we're at the site itself, we'll get into position and tear it up. Snipers, keep an eye open for good shooting perches, you'll be on overwatch." Ed said quietly, gesturing with a "knife-hand" in the direction of the comms site from their landing zone.
Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: Larissa Koralova on January 26, 2018, 02:02:50 AM
DZ, Yemen

Larissa knew that everyone here had their reservations about her, even before nationality became a factor. She was an intelligence operative, and very few actually went on these sorts of missions. But Larissa had been trained in various aggressive methods, including urban warfare and assassination, and had been given parachute training in the event she had to be paradropped into a hostile nation. However, until now, she had never imagined she would ever actually use that training. She had kept in practice with firearms but only carried a weapon, a Makarov, in her closing months in Venezuela.

Now, here she was, deep in Yemen, working alongside American and British commandos. Truly, then, the Cold War was over and hopefully, it also meant that she could get some work done now. She was very eager to get some intelligence from these terrorists that lay ahead, but they would not part with it willingly. She readied her VSS, and wordlessly nodded to Major Connolly.
Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: Maric Talburn on January 27, 2018, 09:19:34 AM
DZ, Yemen

After exiting the plane, Maric have his now deployed chute the once over. He barely had tine to lower his equipment before it ht the ground and he followed suite, rolling into a PLF. He took a couple of deep breaths before a smile spread across his face, of course he had to keep his excitement bottles up as he pulled free of the harness and collected the Mk48. The Sergeant checked his surroundings before collecting the T-11, dumping it, and moving to the assembly area.

Maric stopped at what he assumed to be their six o'clock apex, staying close enough so that he could hear, but keeping his head on a swivel as he watched from over the optic of his weapon. As the order to move out was given, Maric fell in behind Captain Powers, taking up a space where his TL could place him as the gun should things get wild.

Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: Jason Freese on January 27, 2018, 09:31:56 AM
DZ, Yemen

Upon hitting the ground, Ghost released his chute, pulled the SPR mk.12 free of its case and pulled a quick three-sixty. Once satisfied with his surroundings he freed himself from the harness, picked up his ruck and moved out. His SPR was in a modulmodular setting. Using a religion 6x optic with an attached RMR red dot at the too. Of course he was suppressed and packing a lot of 5.56. He pushed through the Alpha-Alpha, taking point and pulling security to the twelve.

His ranger senses were tingling. Ghost glanced back as everyone consolidated. His attention shifting back down his optic. Though as if pulled by a string, He adjusted to the majors signal without looking, getting up swiftly yet silent as he moved along their projected route. His sector was fairly cookie cutter, and easy to deal with. This allowed him to glance down at his Garmin to ensure they were on the right heading still...handy little tool it was. Bring in an SDM role he planned to roll with and break things, despite this he was modular and able to adjust easily of he had to.
Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: JoshtapositionActualOver on January 29, 2018, 11:24:41 PM
DZ, Yemen

The hard yank and what felt like a jerk upwards told Scott his chute had deployed, reaching up he grabbed ahold of both risers, craning his head backward. A physical inspection told him his risers and links were solid and quick visual inspection of what he could see showed him, his suspension lines were untangled and the canopy was fully deployed. Everything was as it should be. Even in the darkness, he could see the ground rushing upwards to meet him. Gauging the distance to the ground, Scott cut his gear free, allowing it to fall below him on its 10-foot lead. Feeling slack on the line Scott rolled into a controlled parachute landing fall, all five points of contact. Pushing himself up to a knee, Scott freed his chute and took in his surroundings, most of the team was already on the ground and in different stages of readiness.

Releasing his chute, Scott quickly readied his own weapon, a heavily modified Mk. 16. Pulling his NVG's from his pack, he slipped the mount into the receiver on his helmet and flipped them down into position. The world went from almost pitch black, to an eerie green color. Scott went about securing his chute and dumping it with the others before making his way to their rally point. The Major didn't waste anytime before he put them on azimuth and off they went.
Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: Broderick Stone on February 01, 2018, 06:44:56 PM
<DZ, Yemen>

"Alright, we all know the drill. Site is due northeast of our position. Keep it quiet, there's absolutely no goddamn cover between here and there. If you gotta drop someone, do it quick, quiet and make damn sure they're not going to notice. Once we're at the site itself, we'll get into position and tear it up. Snipers, keep an eye open for good shooting perches, you'll be on overwatch."

Broderick had silently listened to the instructions that had been given out, knowing that any wrong footing could lead to their position being compromised. He needed to trust the TL and the others, even with a fair few of the faces unknown to him. He pulled out his silencer, attaching it to his weapon as they had the time to between now and them moving off.

He had also busied himself with setting up his NVGs, pulling them over and plunging the world into green before glancing up and moving off with the rest of them.
Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: Ed Connolly on February 09, 2018, 10:08:04 PM
<Target Site, Yemen>

Waiting at the top of the hill appeared to be an abandoned village, with the sand attempting to reclaim the land from the men who had supposedly left. However, upon closer inspection, there were small dish arrays with generators next to them scattered among the rooftops, camo netting hung over them to mask them from overhead recon.

The team was now on one of the dunes south of the ruined settlement, having yet to run into any enemies. The approaches to the village were rocky routes, likely used by the previous inhabitants, and the entire hill it sat on appeared to be a mountain rather than a sand dune. The only question remained was how to handle the approach...

"Looks like we've got footpaths leading up, but no idea if they're guarded or trapped. We can try to scale up the rockface itself, but unless one of you brought climbing gear, we'd have to risk free-climbing it. So unless anyone's got any ideas, we're going to have to take the footpaths and risk it." Ed said quietly to the group.
Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: GySgt Bob Lee Gerhardt on February 10, 2018, 08:24:49 AM

Bob Lee followed the group to the target site. He kept to the middle of the formation, but stayed a couple dozen yards to the left. Eventually, they got close to the village and halted on a dune some distance to the south. From here he could see the village, and instantly spotted the place he'd move into when they got into the village. A four-storey building with a parapet lining the roof.

They still had to get there first, though. He unfolded his bipod, and went prone. The footpath was winding up the hill, and there were more than a few blind spots. Even so, he figured he could cover them some 65% of the way. It wasn't great, of course, but these people were some of the most skilled in the world.
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Post by: Jason Freese on February 17, 2018, 03:11:46 PM
<Target Site, Yemen>

Ghost scanned the target area with his scope, he took the time to look for routes but they all fed the same MO. "This place is a bit of a naturally defensive location. It's going to be a pain in the arse if they have fortified positions...or maybe we'll get lucky." His ghastly image retreated back from the rifle in his hands before glancing over to the Major, and then regarding his own ruck.

A subtle sigh escaped as he moved down from his position, starting a slifhr clover-leaf to look for different avenues of approach. After a few minutes he came in over local comms. "Yeah, foot paths are looking like the only way...I'm game." The Ranger returned to the group, decidig to crack open his ruck and retrieve the extra mags he brought. Instead of rolling with six, he made some arrangements on his carrier and shifted to nine packed. He unrolled his dump pouch along his battle belt, and made a few adjustments there as well.

Ghost left the ruck in place, closing it up and keeping it out of sight, having plans of staying light for the time being. His hand drifted to his thigh, feeling the glock there and being reassured of it's presence before taking up the SPR in his right hand. "I'm good to go."

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Title: Re: Comms Site, Yemen
Post by: Broderick Stone on March 03, 2018, 04:48:53 AM
<Target Site, Yemen>

Brody had followed along, seemingly finding themselves in a ruined settlement. The fact that they had not run into anyone had put him on edge, that they were still straying into the unknown with increasing tension. He had taken to look around, glancing at the cliff face for a moment, a potentially hazardous move that probably warranted them using the footpaths.

He lowered his rifle, glancing over at the Major.

His jaw tightened before he slowly exhaled with a nod he responded. "Good to go."