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Re: Amman, Jordan
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<Amman City-Mall Food Court-Street>

Now they had that out of the way Trish found herself a little lost for words. Not unusual for her, she was after all the quiet one of the group, preferring action over useless conversation. Of course she wasn't one to just shut up when talk was going on, Trish's interaction was more dependent on when she had something of value to say.

The scene just prior to the thugs being taken away for a brief moment looked like the result of almost any fight that had gone down on the streets of LA, fights that as a former LAPD Paramedic she had attended just one too many. Shaking her head the first thing she had to do was see how Beckett was going, that flash of blade wasn't missed by her eyes, hopefully she had enough of those things she always toted around in her bag for emergencies just like this. Several steps after she intercepted the two men before they reached the others, looking up at Rob. "I need to see his wound, Beckett you need to sit down for a bit man, moving around could make it worse." There was nothing of significance to sit on, other than the hood of a Nissan Pulsar parked near them; Trish more or less gently pushed Beckett in that direction. "Sit." She commanded in her ex-cop talk. "Rob pull his shirt up buddy." The baby of the unit could be quite forceful on her day. But since Rob was still an active cop when he wasn't doing his duty, he'd understand.

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Re: Amman, Jordan
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<Amman City-Mall Food Court-Street>

 Hatfield went in overdrive panic mode she saw Beckett go down, all those instincts of self preservation went flying out the window there and then. Not caring one dram if any of the creeps were still around bent on death, she flew to him just as Trish was coaxing the man to the small grey car. From that point on irregardless of who was around she was all over him like a wet shirt. "Beck, are you alright? Are you okay?"  What a stupid question she realized, he was bleeding, though how badly she had no idea. "Rob, please do as she asks..." There was pleading in her eyes, though being slightly squeamish around blood Bobbie was reluctant to do it herself.
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Re: Amman, Jordan
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<Amman City-Mall Food Court-Street>

Kim couldn't believe that they had seriously just been attacked.  Apparently there was nowhere safe at the moment.  Before she could even think about their next step she caught sight of the blade and gasped.   "Beckett!" She cried, seeing het brother go down. 

Kim rushes to his side.   With Trish taking control there wasn't much she could do.  She wrung her hands together, her face pale.   "He'll be okay." She mumbled to no one particular.

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Re: Amman, Jordan
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<Amman City-Mall Food Court-Street>

Rob glanced over, catching Cate's eye.  He didn't know who she was talking to but right now he couldn't think about it.  Not when his friend was bleeding out beside him.  He nodded, helping Beckett to keep his balance.

Beckett groaned as Trish made him sit down.  "Ow," he  mumbled.   "Can't stand long if I wanted to."  He wasn't sure how deep the wound was, but however bad it was it was hard to breathe.  He looked up as Bobbie ran over.  "I'll be fine, " he grinned at her despite his pale skin,  "Just a scratch.  OW!" He shouted.  "Jeez, man."

"Just a scratch huh?" Rob asked as he carefully pulled Beckett's shirt up for Trish.  Rib cringed a bit.  There was a lot of blood and he hoped it was all just superficial.  "What do you need from me, Trish?" He asked, keeping a hand on Beckett's shoulder.

Beckett growled.  "You guys are...enjoying this too much," he huffed, his breath a bit labored.

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Re: Amman, Jordan
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<Amman City-Mall Food Court-Street>

 In the end Cate returned to the group after finding out the identity of their mysterious helper, a Chief Petty Officer from the German Navy, why he was here was as equally mysterious with him keeping his mouth firmly closed on that score. Cate though did invite him to return with them to the base for some real peace and quite and the odd beer or two.

 There was 'business' going on all over the city with another allied team in action down in the Makra district, that to was soon wrapped up with the team finally being able to get back to base with their rescued family firmly in hand.

 On the street young Trish did her work well, drawing on the few short years experience she had as a paramedic, stitching up Beckett's wound so professionally a doctor couldn't have done better. Five in all, the cut was reasonably deep but he would survive to live another day. The girls were enjoying it as he said just a little too much and it was a relief to all when the Mini Bus finally arrived to take them back to base.


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